Solutions for Industry and Academia

Technical support

With 30+ years of experience focused on and around measurement and control systems for the process industry, HanDiX provides support in most related fields. All the way from trouble-shooting individual measurement systems to applying for, and performing research on the European level. We also engage in strategic issues regarding new measurement systems, application fields and markets.

Technical writing

Writing text on technical matters is often about structuring existing information and repackaging it into a simple and easily understood text. HanDiX assists in the writing, adaption and translation of technical information for anything from manuals to articles.



Ake Hansson, CIO

(Chief Innovation Officer)




Stockholm, Sweden

Phone: +46 70 44 99 99 6

With over 30 years of experience from a diversity of fields, often connected to measurement and control in the process industry, and with a wide professional network covering anything from research and innovation to production, marketing and sales, I look forward to an opportunity to discuss with you how we can contribute to your success.

Innovative development

Based on its independent position and a wide technical experience from a diversity of fields, HanDiX is well suited for a role as a speaking partner or "the devil's advocate" when a new product is being developed or introduced on a new market. It is beneficial to try out the arguments as early as possible in a project (at least before meeting with real customers and financiers).