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Welcome to the XXII Control Systems Conference
Co-organized with Pulp & Beyond in Helsinki, Finland, April 9 - 12, 2024

11:15 Pulp mill modelling and control 

CS24 WesleyGilbertFPInnovations2Wesley Gilbert, Process Control Group, FPInnovations
 Empowering pulp mill decision-making through Mill-Wide Optimization  Matias Hultgren, Valmet
 Optimization of Continuous Digester Operations in Kraft Pulp Mills  Abhay Anand, ABB
 Modeling A Continuous Digester Extraction Zone  Wesley Gibert, FPInnovations
 Modeling of Real Oxygen Delignification Processes  Jari Käyhkö, XAMK University of Applied Sciences

14:30 Advances in quality control systems

CS24 MichaelOHoraABB Michael O’Hora, ABB
 A New CD Control Mapping Tool  Calvin Fu, TAPPI
 The New Volume of TAPPI Paper Machine QCS Handbook focuses on Controls and Applications  Seyhan Nuyan, TAPPI
 High-speed, Continuous, and High-Performance Scanning-Infrared measurements of Process Moisture and Temperature for In-Line control of Paper Manufacturing Processes  Michael O’Hora, ABB

16:00 Millwide applications for the future

CS24 NinaFlinkValmet Nina Flink, UX Manager, Valmet
 The twelve deadly sins in the utilization of process data  Teemu Möykkylä, Trimble Forestry Europe
 Experience in Transitioning from Traditional to More Effective Human Machine Interface Concepts at Pulp and Paper Mills   Nina Flink, Valmet
 The Role of Computer Vision Analysis in Improving Biosludge Quality and Effluent Treatment Performance in Pulp and Paper Industry   Heikki Hannukainen, Toihan
The International Control Systems conference is held every two years since 1982. It is one of the leading conferences in the area of process measurement, control, and systems engineering for the pulp and paper industry.
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Pulp & Beyond Conference is an essential part of the Pulp & Beyond event. The conference provides state-of-the-art industry insights and knowledge you won’t get anywhere else – take part in the industry-changing discussions with the key players around the globe!
The conference has been divided into three separate tracks – you can choose to take part in one individual track or get full access to all three, the choice is yours! The tracks are as follows: Innovative Wood-Based Products (track 1), Carbon Zero Future Mills (track 2), and International Control Systems Conference 2024 (track 3).

What to expect from Pulp & Beyond 2024?

Conference (April 9) Get your tickets to the Pulp & Beyond Conference and access pioneering industry insights and knowledge! Conference tickets are available now on pulpandbeyond.com.
Exhibition (April 10–11) The Pulp & Beyond 2024 event features an abundance of top-notch exhibitors and speakers, and two different stages full of industry leading programmes. Register for free!
Opening Ceremony (April 10) Pulp & Beyond 2024 starts with a bang as Petteri Taalas, Director General for Finnish Meteorological Institute gives a keynote regarding Role of Forests in Climate Change Mitigation.
After Work (April 10) After a hard day of work, it’s time to unwind a bit! The afterwork session will provide a relaxed atmosphere, giving all participants of the Pulp & Beyond event the opportunity to network and mingle.
Beach Party (April 10) An evening party like no other! Pack your snazziest Hawaii shirt and shorts because the +26°C urban jungle temperature will make you leave your winter clothes at the coat check!
Excursion (April 11–12) Join us for a field trip to visit three companies in Jyväskylä April 11–12: Metsä Group’s Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill, Suzano Finland Textile MFC Plant, and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. 

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